Modifying an Order

This document serves as a guideline to modify an Order that you have placed Online.  When modifying an order you will have the ability to add or remove items that you have placed on your original order. 

You will be able to modify an order online only if your store allows edits to be made to an existing order, or if your order has not been fulfilled by the store.  if you are eligible to edit your Order, a Change Order button will be available to you on the Order History page.  If the Change button is not present on the Order History page this means that your order is not eligible to be modified and you will need to contact the store to make changes to your order.

To modify your order follow these steps below,

  • To modify an order Select ‘My Account’ at the top right hand corner of the page.

  • On the My Account page select the ‘Order History’ hyperlink located on the left hand side of the page.

  • This will bring up a list of orders that you have placed on the website.  Here is where you will be able to identify if you are able to modify your recently placed order, under ‘Options Available for Order’ will show an option for Change.

  • To modify an order select the ‘Change’ button.

When selecting the Change button in Order History, all of the contents of your order will be placed back into your cart.  From within the View Cart module you will have the ability to change the quantities of your order and the ability to remove or add items to your cart.

Please be aware that if you select My Account again, and select Change your Order more than once you will run the risk of doubling your order.  Please refer to the FAQs section for further information on Doubling your Order.

At the top center of the page you will see a box that contains your Order # and when the Change Order Expires. Here you can make changes to your order up until the time that is displayed (as seen to the right).  If you are making changes to your cart and have not placed an order again before the Change Order Expires timer reaches zero, your changes will be lost and you will need to initiate another change order.

When you have finished updating your order, you will need to initiate the Checkout process again.  Re-verify that the information on the order is correct, including the pick-up and delivery dates and times.  This information can be changed if needed as you go through the checkout process.

If you paid for your order by Paypal, you will not be charged each time you modify your order.  The amount that you will be billed is the latest Order total of your most recent order.  You will be billed when the order has been completed in the store and not at the time you place the order.


Why are my items on my order doubled?

If you have selected the Change button on an Order and go back to the My Account link and select Change again on an order, this can potentially cause your items to be doubled.  When the Change Order is initiated the contents of your order are placed back into your shopping cart.  This then allows you to modify the contents of your order that you have placed.  If you initiate a Change order for the same order multiple times you end up doubling your items each time you do this process.

When you select Change Order multiple times, you will be presented with a warning message stating that ‘You currently have items in your Shopping Cart.  If you wish to change Order 123456, the contents of Order 123456 will be added to the contents of your Shopping Cart.  Do you wish to change this order?’  If you select ‘Yes’ to this warning message any items that were added from your first Change request will be added to your shopping cart again.  This will cause items in your cart to be doubled.

The doubling of the items will only occur for those items that were on your original order and will not occur for items that you have added since you select the first Change Order request.

Am I going to be charged twice when I modify my order?

After you have modified your order you must go through the checkout process in order for the transaction to be completed.  As part of the checkout process you will be asked to re-verify your information again, address, pickup or delivery and payment method.  This checkout process will not trigger a duplicate transaction to be billed.  You will only be charged the last modified order total once the order has been completed in the store. 


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