Breads, Rolls, and Bagels

Each and every day we offer freshly baked Bread, Rolls, and Bagels for your convenience. Choose from a variety of Bread, from traditional White Bread, Rye Bread, Italian and French Bread to our more exquisite breads, such as baguettes, and European artisan bread.  And a wonderful world of flavored breads-Vegetable bread, Olive Loaf, Raisin Bread, simple Focaccia, and Challah Bread.  Our Old Fashioned hearth baked round breads, sourdough, and crispy Italian, are also sure to please everyone.

  • “Breaded Bliss” Additional Bread & Rolls that we have for you include…  Alvarado Street California style Organic Bread–assorted varieties.
  • The Baker Organic bread (assorted varieties).
  • Ecce Panis Artisan bread–Multi-Grain, Olive bread, Baguettes, Semolina bread, & Tuscan bread, (a low-fat Peasant Style bread.  Rustic and chewy, with a wonderful crust), to mention a few.
  • Irish Soda Bread–one of our Specialties, we make this from scratch, using only the finest ingredients, and baked with care.  Available year-round for your indulgence.
  • Tea biscuits – we are also famous for our tea biscuits, made from scratch and available every day.
  • Corn Bread Squares or Home style Buttermilk biscuits-6 pk.–These go great with the rotisserie chicken in our deli department.  ( Quick Dinner idea: Rotisserie chicken from the Deli Dept, Corn Bread Squares from the Bakery Department, and a ‘bag’ of Salad from the Produce Department = a Delicious, Quick & Easy Dinner Solution!)
  • Ciabatta Bread – a simple Peasant bread, low in fat.  Also known as ‘panini’ bread. Make delicious sandwiches!
  • Italian Bread – What better way to complement a meal than with a loaf of our delicious freshly baked, Italian bread?
  • Rolls & Bagels – We have a pleasing assortment of rolls and bagels for you every morning.  Kaiser, egg and club rolls are fresh baked in our stores every day.

Corn Bread Squares

Rolls & Bagels

Irish Soda Bread

Italian Bread

We have a wonderful assortment of breads and rolls for all of your needs.  Be sure to stop by our Bakery to see what we have to offer!