We wanted to share some of the great compliments we’ve received about our Shop OnLine service with you.  We update this section with compliments received about the excellent service offered by our employees.  Thank you to all of our Shop OnLine employees for all of their continued hard work in servicing our customers.

May 2017

  • The best customer service ever (#53 Shop OnLine)!! Really lovely staff. – Rhonda K, Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park
  • Experience was great (#2323 Shop OnLine). Convenience was awesome. Staff very friendly. – Jeffrey C, Shop OnLine Customer, Fire Island
  • They (#2323 Shop OnLine) always call and offer good substitutes. Very good service.  I am very happy with the service. I get delivery by Fire Island ferry. You do a great job at this. – William J, Shop OnLine Customer, Fire Island

March 2017

  • I had an amazing experience with the online shopping and pick up through the Garden City Park (#39 Shop OnLine) store.  It was the day before a snow storm and the store was packed.  My order was not ready yet but I was not in a rush and your employees were doing me the big favor of running the aisles for me.  The manager came over while I waited and apologized profusely about the short wait.  I have never received customer service as I did that afternoon.  I work a full and part time job as well as care for my father who has Dementia.  The pickup option is a life saver but the care and respect that your staff showed me was beyond everything else.  I can’t get my own staff at work to muster up that morale and respect on a regular day.  Keep up the great work and you have amazing employees at the Garden City Park store, from the employees to the managers. I hope they receive recognition for their effort, it is well deserved. – Lena S, Shop OnLine Customer, Garden City Park

February 2017

  • KK Island Park (#53 Shop OnLine) online staff is exceptional. Johnathon does a great job. – Russ F, Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park
  • Shopper, Taleca, is terrific, knowledgeable and personable. A great rep for King Kullen. – Patricia R, Shop OnLine Customer, Garden City Park

July 2016

  • Crystal was extremely helpful suggesting I talk to the butcher regarding a meat question.  She was also wonderful in delivering my order earlier which really helped me out of a bind.  Please send Crystal all my thanks! (#23 Bay Shore) Marla S, Shop OnLine Customer, Bay Shore
  • This service is wonderful as I am waiting a knee replacement next week.  I will keep the service as I love having the groceries delivered (#26 Bridgehampton).  The help are wonderful.  They pick better produce then me, lol. – Beverly D, Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton

March 2016

  • Keep it up!  Everyone is wonderful in this dept (#53 Shop OnLine).  Whether I am having food delivered or I do pick-up.  Everyone is so nice and helpful!  Makes my life easier offer these services!  Thank you! – Andrea C, Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park

December 2015

  • I love King Kullen (#23 Bay Shore)!  Thank you so much for looking into this and getting back to me. Customer service is SOOOO important to me, and you guys deliver. 🙂 – Mark A.

September 2015

  • Online crew at Island Park KK is outstanding. Shopping online saves me time – 20 minutes online vs. 45 in store. – Russ F. 
  • The best thing ever! Too bad I just discovered it, but what a great service!! Thank you! – Bri M, Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton

June 2015

  • Big time! I try to order for pick up on the same day. The ladies understand my order and take care of my order. I’m looking forward to the summer convenience. – Steven E, Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton

March 2015

  • “This service is a must-have for parents with toddlers!” – Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton
  • “Substituted 2 items and matched the price. Called back to add something obscure, and she called back and found it and added it to our order. She was great.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park
  • “Excellent greeter and helped load car. Good job!” – Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park

February 2015

  • “Feels like I sent a friend with a list to the store.  Very personal shopping experience I love it!  I recommend to everyone.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park
  • “The service and delivery has always been great.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton
  • “I cannot thank you enough.  I managed to go online and change order to “Delivery”. Whew! Much appreciate your service – and your extra service.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton
  • “It was a very good experience and the customer service was excellent.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park

January 2015

  • “Someone selected the most glorious eggplants that I have ever seen for me. I was nervous about not picking them myself and was quite specific about my needs. Every time I walk into the produce aisle of any store I hope and pray and dream that I will find a perfect eggplant… and that day I received THREE. I called the next day to say thank you. Since then I have received a stunning bunch of fresh basil and other quite excellent produce.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton
  • “I have visited your store in Island Park, and always find it to be clean, neat, with shelves always stocked.  Your staff at this store is also my idea of what store employees should be like.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Island Park
  • “Thank you so much! This makes me feel appreciated as a customer. When rhubarb finally makes its way onto the shelves, and into my groceries, you must come have some pie. Because it will be an awesome pie.” – Shop OnLine Customer, Bridgehampton