COVID-19 Information

Covid-19 Booster: Now Available at a King Kullen Pharmacy.
Covid-19: Precautionary Measures

Protective Measures We’re Taking to Help Keep You Safe

  • To properly social distance, we’ve established one-way aisles. In each aisle, you’ll find signs marking the correct direction to take while shopping. Please follow all store directional signs.
  • At each register, we’ve marked distances of 6 ft. to indicate proper social distancing while waiting in line to check out.
  • We’ve installed plastic barriers at each register to help protect customers and our employees.
  • While checking out, we encourage you to use debit/credit or Apple Pay for contactless payment. Self-checkout lanes are available to customers as well.
  • Samples & Self-Serve Stations
    - For the time being, we are no longer issuing samples at departments or holding demos of new products and items in-store.
    - Self-serve stations are closed temporarily.
  • While leaving the store, please dispose of gloves and masks properly.
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